Kulman Ghising: The Man Who Thrashed Darkness And Pour Us The Light. Let’s Thank Him For His Contributions

It is the human nature that a person’s contribution is discussed only after his death. His/Her’s contribution is not talked of until they are dead or completely far off. Let’s change this so-called nature and enumerate the changes Kulman Ghising has brought into our lives. Yeah! It is the same country which had even experienced 22 hours of load-shedding despite being the second richest in water resources. Hats off to this person who in spite of all the political pressure abolished the hectic routine and gave the country a reason to breathe easy.

Doing Homework During Load-shedding

He has been a national hero for providing the brightest future for our generation and more to come. The activity initiated by the NEA in wiping out the darkness in the Kathmandu Valley is very acclaim commendable. The activity should be set up without dread from any personal stakes. This activity has demonstrated that individuals have been experiencing load-shedding because of the conspiracy between the administration/NEA and personal stake gatherings. Such enemies of individuals practice must arrive at an end, or else the general population will be compelled to live in haziness until the end of time.

Kulman Ghising
The Man Behind The Ultimate Scene

In the meantime, investigating various other sources of energy and bringing it into implementation is needed to large extent. In such a manner, sun-oriented power(solar energy) is by all accounts a reasonable recommendation. The administration has likewise accentuated the utilization of sun oriented power. The Alternative Energy Promotion Center has stepped up with regards to advancing the utilization of sunlight based power among the majority. The drive should be spread to each niche and crevice of the nation.

Kulman Ghising

Furthermore, not even half of the water is being used to generate electric energy. Nepal us buying it from India for many years. Now, Kulman Ghising has given the words that in the coming two years of time Nepal will have the capacity for selling the same. For all these developments an opportunity to see the world by sitting in a place more vividly, Salute to you! Sir.