A Matter Of Pride For All The Nepali Gunners: The Banner, Arsenal Nepal, On The Top Of The Emirates Stadium

  1. A Matter Of Pride For All The Nepali Gunners: Arsenal Nepal’s Banner On The Top Of The Emirates Stadium

What else a hungry person asks other than food? This saying can be juxtaposed for “What else a devotee or a true fan asks rather than the betterment of his team?” Gunners from Arsenal Nepal have been supporting the club through all ups and downs: the performance of the team, the declining energy of the players and the same play tactics for every game while Arsene Wenger as a Manager. The position performance and the team ranking has nevertheless left fans in ecstasy through years.

Arsenal Nepal Banner
Arsenal Nepal’s Banner On Emirates

Arsenal Nepal Banner has now been hanged in the Emirates Stadium. Of course, it would not have been an easy task for the Gunners and it’s not less than the falling star for them. The third largest Stadium in England is the home ground of Arsenal, with the capacity of around 60000. Imagine now, at a time 60000 people and many more through television will explore the love of Nepali Gunners, and many of them will be enthusiast to know about Nepal.

Arsenal Nepal's Banner
Arsenal Nepal is the organization in Nepal that supports Arsenal. Arsenal Supporters Club Nepal is shortly known as “Arsenal Nepal”, the biggest fan base of Arsenal FC, London, here in Nepal. It was founded in 2009 by a young arsenal fan Mr. Jaysal Thapaliya with the hope or view to unite arsenal fans all over Nepal. The purpose then was to only meet at a common place and watch the games together and interact about news and information related to Arsenal FC.

Arsenal Nepal

Navin Chitrakar, the president of Arsenal Nepal, revealed on the club meeting, “The banner which has to up to the standard of Arsenal FC will be printed in London. The funds for the banner will be included in the membership fee.” On the occasion, the official website of Arsenal Nepal, www.arsenalnepalofficial.com  was also launched.

Thank You, Arsenal for honouring  Nepali fans.