A Multi-Talented Young Lady On Muscial.ly : Tiger Reshma Ghimire


A Multi-Talented Young Lady On Muscial.ly: Tiger Reshma Ghimire

Musical.ly is the perfect platform to showcase your acting on. This has been the common platform from the child to the oldage people where they showcase on the heart touching music to produce the lip-syncing videos, dance or act. Musical.ly in Nepal has found its involvement from not only individuals like you and me but actors are also seen actively engaging on the same, Reema Bishwakarma, Barsha Siwakoti, Keki Adhikari, Barsha Raut and many of the male actors like Sushant Khatri, Cartoon Crew have given attendance on the same. Recently, multitalented actress Reshma Ghimire is seen actively participating on the video platform and depicting her talents through the same. She had performed on more than 500 videos and is very popular among her fans. She has earned 3.1 Million hearts already by now and has 456.6K followers on her official muscial.ly profile. She has been active on Social Medias like Instagram and Youtube too.

Reshma Ghimire

Be it a part of the love story, sad songs, entertainment, dance, dialogues and other performances she has been on the best part of her. She performs on Nepali, Indian and English music too, produces the best part of it and posts it on the social media. She therefore has been given a name ‘Tiger’, Tiger Reshma Ghimire. She had conquered fans from all over the world and had been dedicating a lot to it.

Reshma Ghimire one of the beautiful model from Biratnagar,Pichari had always been a music fan since her childhood days and modelling had been of tremendous desire, she had a dream of making it big. She is very talented singer too and her beauty can’t be unseen, Reshma had already won title of ‘Miss Purbanchal Super Model 2070’. She was very much interested in the copying the characters from the movie since the childhood, this may be the probable reason of her being active in social medias too. Reshma Ghimire is already a pronounced actor now, has done movie Yo Saino Maya Ko with actor Jatin, and she is a professional registered nurse and is working as paediatric nurse . She had completed her nursing in Biratnagar and is currently pursuing her Bachloer in nursing.

Reshma Ghimire

She loves sweet and simple roles as a heroin than an action type movie and prefers love story much and has a dream of doing movie with popular actor of Prem Geet , ‘Pradeep Khadka’. She is youngest child of her parents and is getting a lot of support from them. She feels happy to call herself a multi professional girl, she adds nursing as her qualification, acting as her childhood dream and passion. She had struggled a lot to reach that level.