Another Daring Adventures Added On The List: Hot Air Balloon Started Officially In Pokhara

Nepal is not only a country which possesses the vast majority of ethnic diversities, cultures, traditions, and languages but it also fascinates the world by the breathtaking adventures in various parts of the nation. Bungee, Paragliding, Zip-Flying, Trekking, Hand Gliding, Rope-Sliding, Rafting, Paramotor, Hattipolo, and yeah! Finally the most awaited, Hot Air Balloon.

Hot Air Balloon

The most adventurous activity which gives the vicarious feeling of flying like a bird, free in its own world. You will reach the top of the world and with a perfect safety, there are many safety persons sitting behind for your help. Hot air balloon was previously initiated in many places in Nepal but due to technical faults, it was intermittent in the process and finally stopped. Now, it has been started in the small village of Pokhara, Dhampus, 220km west of Kathmandu, and 22km far from Pokhara, the city of lakes and caves.


Hot air balloon is the hot pack of the envelope: The hot air inside the envelope is maintained by the flame which is continuously created downside called gondola or wicker basket (it is maintained at the long-altitude balloons, a capsule) which carries passengers as well. The hot air balloon is the first successful human-carrying technology.

Hot Air Balloon’s In Air

Of course, it will be the burgeoning and most loved adventures in Pokhara. Launched earlier this week, it starts at an affordable price range Nrs 6000 for Nepalese and USD $90 for foreign nationals. And it is expected that it will attract more tourists and Nepalese as well.