Breakup Movie Featuring Aashirman Ds Joshi And Shilpa Maskey Will Be Out For Movies On Jan 11: Don’t Missout To Watch

The official poster of the movie ‘Breakup’ featuring Aashirman DS Joshi was out on November 07, 2018. Aashirman has posted it on his official Instagram channel. It is a film by Hem Raj BC, which will be out in cinemas all over Nepal on January 11. The shooting of the movie was done in various places of Nepal and in London as well. The expectations for the movie is set high by the general public.

Hit Song Of The Movie

The profound, talented and enthusiast actor and handsome hunk, model and VJ, Aashirman DS Joshi, is a man with zero haters. Aashirman is going to play role with two hot actress in Breakup. He has given hit after hit, any role, any movie he played has been listed on the trending list for months together.

Shilpa Maskey
Shilpa Maskey

The song from the movie Breakup ‘Aaja Hamro Bhet Bhako Dina’ has really been on trending list up to weeks together. Uploaded on November 12 the song has got 2.9 million views(Dec 2018). The movie also features some of the eminent professional actors- Shilpa Maskey, Iccha Karki, Raymon Das, and Saroj Khanal. Though the title suggests its Breakup, it is a love story which ultimately leads to the breakup of the Joshi. The full story is yet not revealed to the public.

Aashirman DS Joshi

There are high hopes and expectations from the team too, the backbone and the cast members are all talented and we all hope that it creates a huge impact on us. The movie is a love story and it is known that Shilpa Maskey is featured opposite to Aashirman DS Joshi.