Chinese Satellite Photo Has Been Viral On Media: See How Amazing The Image Looks

The internet has been bulging on due to the recently uploaded satellite image captured by Chinese Satellite with 24.9 billion pixels of quantum technology. It’s absolutely amazing and enthralling to see how clear the pedestrians are visible. You can zoom out and zoom in and every of the gesture is clear and distinct. Even the minute details in the road can are easily visible.

This process of taking an image from the satellite is the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing. The so taken image is called remote sensing image and used for the purpose of the survey in Civil Engineering and various other purposes like land mapping, sewage development plan, area marking and many more.

The image on the link mentioned is a clear example of the field and it shows how advanced technology has led mankind to offer clear and distinct imagery from the satellite. Technology has advanced human and made works so easier and accurate, this is why the world and its components are now easily accessible.

This can be used for various purposes as it gives very crystal clear image any place, area, and locality. The satellite image is necessary if we are going to solve any challenges of our time. Climatic change, natural resources, disaster management are some examples. All these factors have made the field of remote sensing a promising one.


Click on the Link below for image: