Do You Know Gori Didi On Make Sure Your Heart Isn’t Stolen

A pleasant heartbreaking smile, positive attitude, beauty like a queen, what else Youngsters’ want someone to steal their heart. An Australian girl Amy Falzo with her lip syncing videos in and Instagram is the present internet sensation in Nepal. She has been viral on the social media. She not only executed on the Nepali songs and videos but also shows deep respect towards Nepali Culture, rituals and festivals, Nepali foods, Nepali people and yeah places of Nepal too. It perfectly exemplifies the honor and appreciation towards Nepal, that Amy is depicting. Amy has been paragonizing Nepalese culture, festivals, songs and many other assets of Nepal. She therefore is popularly called Seti Didi or Gori Didi, the name given by Nepalese for her dedication and love towards Nepal.

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                                Amy’s Muktinath Visit

Amy Falzo is originally from Sydney, Australia and has been pursuing her education from Western Sydney University. She is keenly interested in film making, editing, script writing and technology.

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According to the sources, her favorite Nepali foods are momo, chicken curry and jalebi. She specifically pointed out momo as fast food and wish for its easier access in Australia too and noted the Thakali chicken as her best food, by now she knows all the recipies and ingredeints in the Nepali food and knows to cook it as well. Her best places to visit are Kathmandu, Pokhara and Mustang. She loves watching Namrata Shrestha and Shrinkhala Khatiwada the most on the screen.

Gori Didi’s first visit on Nepal takes us back to Dashain and Tihar last year.

Gori Didi
                    Gori Didi Putting Tika On Bhai Tika

She was in Nepal from September to November and told that it was the unforgettable experience and journey she ever had. The two things she love about Nepal is Culture and Cultural Dress and people and food as well. However, she felt sad about the Traffic jams and water problem and also language(because it was a barrier for her).

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                                Exploring Places In Nepal

Coming to the best part, her best videos is not picky or single. She mentions her few special moments, Purba Paschim Rail, kutu ma kutu because of the outfits involved and chora chori dance. Besides, she was inspired by Nepali users counting credit to them for she copied their dance steps and learn to lip-sync perfect which is of course the better part to improve the musically platform. Her inspirations include, sanjeevmaharjan, munakanchi and munaghising10. She misses Nepal and Nepali aunt a lot with whom she resided with and is eagerly waiting to come back Nepal and add enduring memories to her life.

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