Here Is What Ghatasthapana Signifies in Dashain! Have A Look

The greatest festival, Dashain; which feeds you immense happiness and pleasure has marked its beginning. Its also called Navaratri, the nine-day long festival, is celebrated all over Nepal and India too. The Navaratri falls in the month of Kartik normally and the day of initiation of Dashain is called Ghatasthapana. Ghata means Kalash, a sacred pot, and sthapana means to establish; Ghatasthapana hence is the establishment of Kalash.

The sacred pot of Hindus, Ghata (Kalash), is the prerequisite for worship during Navaratri. It is believed that the power of the goddess Durga is invoked in Ghata and so it is worshipped for the entire 9 days period. Ghatasthapana is also known for the installation of Ghata and plantation of Jamara which is the most important ritual practice in Navaratri which explores further expansion of the events for the upcoming 9 days.

There are some rules to be followed and some puja to be done for the installation of jamara and Aarati to be done every evening. The Navaratri is the festival for worshipping Durga Devi, goddess, which is done by cleaning puja room and setting idol of Durga. Kalash is decorated with a sesame seed sticked along with the cow dung to have wise look. Flowers or Garland(if any) and photo or idol of goddess Durga are placed on a holy plate. Flowers are offered to the Kalash (pot) and to the idol or painting/photo of Goddess Durga. Various mantras are chanted according to various houses and family traditions. Some prefer simple Durga Mantras.

Here is the famous Ghatasthapana Mantra:

“मम महामायाभगवती ( वा मायाधिपति भगवत ) प्रीतये ( आयुर्बलवित्तारोयसमादरादिप्राप्तये वा ) नवरात्रव्रतमहं करिष्ये।”


 A square bed of mud of about 5 to 8 inch thick is set up. The grains that are sown not sprinkled on the sand. The sand is watered daily and it should be wet all the 10 days so that the seeds would germinate and grow and develop a long yellow or green long slender about 3 to 5 inch called Jamara which is worn of the 10th day, The Bijaya Dashami, as a prasad of goddess Durga.