History of Marijuana(Ganja) in Nepal


At present we know that usage of Marijuana, also called as Weed, Hashish or Ganja is illegal in Nepal. But, it was not the case all along. Looking back at the history Marijuana used to be legal in Nepal. Once Nepal was popular among hippies all around the world for Marijuana sales and usage. Marijuana cultivation used to be open and a major source of income. Also, the tourism industry was flourished back then as Nepal was nicknamed, the capital of Marijuana.


 Nepal was a gateway destination for every Ganja lovers. There used to be street known as Freak Street where Marijuana products were sold openly by the licensed agents. The popular street is still in front of Basantapur Durbar today known as the hippie street but eventually has lost its charm now. Everyone was benefited including the Government, farmers and the businessmen from the cultivation, sales, and production of Marijuana.


But what happened that made Nepal ban Marijuana?

Well, the sales and trading of Marijuana were flourishing until the 1970’s but due to the pressure from the US Government Nepal had to amend new rules towards marijuana. Though people still use marijuana for recreational purpose and is illicitly available if you know where to get them. But the trading, production, and smuggling of marijuana are extremely prohibited.


The same country which had led to the prohibition of Marijuana in Nepal have now looked upon their laws and have decided to improvise upon the use of marijuana for the recreational and medical purpose. Many other countries like Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, and others have followed after realizing the benefits it could harness in the medical field. So, it could also be a time for Nepal to look upon its history and uplift the ban on Marijuana. There could be many challenges and problems, but we know that the benefits of marijuana outweigh the harm from all the perspectives of the country.

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