It has been a case for many students, probably you too. You didn’t start preparing early for the exam, and suddenly you find out tomorrow is your exam and you don’t even know the full name of the subject. We are not promoting procrastination and the best way to prepare is to start out early for your exam, but for a case of emergency:

here are some tips for how to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.

(1) Keep Calm: Trust us, if you honestly follow what we have listed below, you’ll do good. And panicking will not help your abilities to learn faster.

Exam - Keep calm and study

(2) Assemble Study Materials: Do this as quick as possible. Collect notebooks, textbooks or whatever you’ll need when you sit to study so that they are in your reach without needing to stand up and move. That will save your time and keep your focus.

Exam - material collection

(3) Keep away distractions: Keep yourself away from TV, cellphone or any other distractions. Make it harder for yourself to access the cellphone. You might want to give it away to your mom or friend till the exam is concluded. You’ll need to focus on your material and this step will help a lot to do so.

Exam - Avoid Distractions

(4) Start now: Don’t start daydreaming or thinking what will happen if you fail. Start studying ASAP.

Exam - Start Now

(5) Prioritize: A good look at old questions patterns , or a phone call to your teacher will help you identify important chapters and topics for the exam. That way you’ll cover more marks in the exam as relative to chapters in the subject.

Exam - Task Priority

(6) Use every bit of your time: Use every available time for you. If it is difficult to focus continuously for long, take a short break for water or snack. But don’t peek at the Facebook in that break time. Return to studies and refocus.

Exam - Time Management

(7) Mnemonics: Mnemonics are easy to memories phrases that can be used to memorize your study topics. Like guitarists use the mnemonic: “Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie” for the guitar strings “EADGBE”. Make your own mnemonics so that you relate better to the phrase.

Exam - Mnemonics

(8) Revision: A strong revision is when you wake up from sleep or come back from a break. That way you’ll make sure you’re confident on everything you’ve covered. Remember, it is a tough job and not a good skill to have as a habit. So always try to study everyday a little. Our brains seem to function better that way. This article is only helpful for those in emergencies. From the next time, start preparing earlier.

Exam _Revision