QuoraIf you haven’t read it on Quora yet, you really should. It was such a simple question to begin with. Everybody asks us these questions when we’re graduating. “What do you miss?” People will have their own set of answers to this, their own memories and attachments that they cherish. Even as you’re reading these words, some distant memory must have struck you.

How familiar are you with Quora by the way? Yes, the online platform where people ask and answer all sorts of questions, that one! Well this “What do you miss” was just a humble question that popped up on Joydeep Mali’s notifications. He then took it a step further with a subtle beautiful story about what he would miss, that would go on to attract thousands of readers on Quora. His answer to this question alone has drawn almost 135 thousand reads and 15 thousand Upvotes.

His answer is about a girl he liked in school who he eventually started dating. He compares the differences in their personalities. He carefully placed comparisons about the little things that made him the luckier person in their relationship. In his delicate composition, he demonstrates scenarios in their relationship and how they learned to grow together in life. The portrayal of his loved one is of someone who is more or less perfect in almost every aspect. Perhaps he wishes to admire how grateful he is for having her in his life. Sadly, he never learns to do so until it is too late. And before you feel sorry for Mali, you should know this is in fact a work of fiction!

While this may seem cliché for some readers, it’s a focus on this very ignorance we repeat ourselves. How often do we appreciate every blessing in our lives until somehow it gets taken away from us? There’s a big reveal about this story towards the end. Read more at : (https://www.quora.com/profile/Joydeep-Mali) The story basically stresses on the part that it’s never too dramatic to appreciate a person while they’re around. Showering someone you love with affection doesn’t make you desperate; it makes you a blessing for them that they ought to appreciate. People build walls around them just to see how far others will go to please them, but they don’t realize that they’re missing out on a beautiful feeling that they can get from sharing it. It’s always best to realize this before it’s too late.

See how people have reacted to his beautiful story:

“This is such a beautiful write up. Brought tears to my eyes.” –  Neeramitra Reddy

“I am shocked …tears rolled down my eyes while reading this.” Anushka Dwivedi

“Beautifully written man. I read it, I was moved, then my critical brain kicked in because your bio said you graduate from JU in 2022 but your answer talks about your life beyond that. Then it struck me; this was a work of fiction.

The greatest compliment you can receive as a writer is when people are so immersed in your story, in your emotions, in your experiences, that they cannot tell the facts from fiction. Well done man.”  –  Rohan Kamath