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PUBG Craze On Increasing Trend: Have A Look At How To Be Good At PUBG

The game PUBG is of no doubt that it is overhyped and thrills each and every moment of the play. Once you are in the top 10 of the game, the real battle and the fun begins, however, some people cannot even make it to Top 15 and lose the interest for the game thereafter. Don’t worry folks we are here to help you with how to be good at the game. We will share enormous tips and turns for burgeoning your strategies.


Consummate and polish completely through the game with the following essentials:

1) Have a look over the position of your weapon, if it is in your hand put it away so that you can run 6% faster.

2) Taking off your shoes will reduce the buzzing sounds on the grass.

3) Use the map on the right-hand side all the time to track the directions.

4) As you all know the game is enabled with the voice chat, always use the voice chat but set your own chat to party-only – occasionally you’ll overhear enemy teams who forgot to set theirs to private.

5) The door of every house is closed, so when you are going for the loot observe the door. If it is closed you are safe to move in. If you forgot to close the door you are signifying your presence; make sure you always close the door.

6) Higher you jump(fall) more is your health degrading; there is a fall damage in the game too.

7) It is recommended to clear the surroundings of the buildings before opting for any loot. Your enemies are making you fall for the weapons, armors and other equipment.

8) Vehicles are really faster but produce more noise, use them wisely.

9)  Always keep your eyes on the fuel.

10) Vehicle falling from the steep terrain and high sloppy areas tend to produce fire and explode. Of it falls get out of the vehicle as soon as possible.

11) Sprint when you walk increases your pace, you can auto-sprint on PC by pressing ‘=’.

12) You can boost the vehicles by pressing “Shift” button or the left trigger button.

13) Vehicles hand break can control the turn more effectively so apply handbrake on necessary areas.

14)  Collect enough of first aids- pills, energy boosters, health, bandages and so on.

15) Don’t forgot to use these aids when your health line indicator shows red colour.