Rohit John Chettri Awarded As The Best Vocalist By Hits FM Award 2075

One of the best singers of today’s generation, Rohit John Chettri, came into glance after his song ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ in 2015 which has 1.5 million views on Youtube. Yeah! 1.5M views are great for one who was rarely listened before. Rohit John Chettri is a lesson to the singers who give up and become tired after their struggle, he is beyond them. Chettri after his hit songs has proved that he’s not going to be intermittent, he’s going to lead on a long race.

Recently, he has been awarded the best vocal performance by group or duo and also the Best composition of the year 2075 by Hits Fm music awards 2075. The award was well deserved by Rohit as he is one the prominent singer and has a soothing and mesmerizing voice. His composition, lyrics and his voice are loved by everyone which has culminated him to the top of a music career. His timeline has been filled with greetings and inspirational and motivational words.

Rohit John Chettri

Rohit’s has given hit after hit and his best one were Bistarai, Timi Nai, Pani Paryo, Sannani, Timra Dui Ankhama, and Jani Jani. When he was interviewed he told that he wanted to a Police Officer but ended up with music. Not, everyone gets to live and move forward with a childhood dream, there are an obstacle and a hindrance to block and create a diversion.

Rohit is a part of the great music band 1974 AD: He is a vocalist out there. He is a person with great musical knowledge and talents, he is a prayer of music right from the beginning- He started singing officially from age 7: He performed in school in the interschool competition and won the same. His songs are played too often and are the loved ones. He is considered a role model by many learners. His contribution to music will never be forgotten, he has many paths further to be explored and give more hits.