Shivaratri, What Is It and How Is It Celebrated? See These Interesting Pictures

Nepal is a multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic country. There are people of many religions and you-know-what? All of them are united by a single bond: The bond of love, the bond of being Nepalese, which has buckled all the brothers and sisters by relation. And the festivals shared by Christians, Muslims or Hindu are common. This is trying to say that even after being of one religion we celebrate all the festivals in a tantamount way. Let’s talk about Shivaratri, the god of the goddess in Hinduism.

Santu and Sadhus

Maha Shivaratri has an enormous hugeness in Hinduism. As indicated by legends, when Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva which custom performed by his supporters satisfies him the most, he said that the custom love on the fourteenth day of the dull fortnight in the period of Phagun awes him the most and that is the day when Maha Shivaratri is commended. It is that day when the devout association of Shiva and Shakti occurred.


Now let’s gather our thoughts about how Nepalese celebrate it. The day falls on Chaturthi and most of the people fast on it. There seems so much excitement on the children too for the first reason being they will get a school holiday and the next being a culture of blocking a path to visitors and collect money from them. The temples are marked by quite serene and feeling of pleasure and peace because of the prayer to Mahadev in every corner of the country.

A Hindu Sadhu smokes marijuana in a chillum inside the Pashupatinath Temple premise in Kathmandu, Nepal on Monday, March 7, 2016. Photo: Skanda Gautam/ THT

You all may be aware of one of the world heritage sites, Pashupatinath Temple. This day Pashupatinath and other temples of Mahadev are filled with devotees. There is a ritual of having Gaja, Bhang and Dhaturo by male followers believing that these are Prasad of Lord Shiva. And Shiva Dhuni is next on must do list, this is lighting a big fire in the name of Shiva at night.

Why do we observe Mahashivratri?

As indicated by sacred writings, the vast vitality produced via planetary positions is at its pinnacle Maha Shivratri celebration and Shivratri Puja benefits the admirers effectively. Individuals rush to sanctuaries in February or Walk when Maha Shivratri celebration approaches—on the fourteenth moonless night of the New Moon in February or March. Enthusiasts venerate with much commitment and enthusiasm Master Shiva who is accepted to have displayed Tandava Nritya, His awesome move of essential creation, support and demolition on this day. This celebration is watched for one day and one night as it were.