Some Facts That Will Leave You Aww: Have A Look

Everyone loves reading or listening to interesting facts that make themselves fresh and gather more information about the new world. For those haunting for these kinds of writings, this is deeply researched facts before they have been posted. So, read on and quench your thirst by these facts.

1) It is believed that when you die in a dream, you wake up because your brain cannot process the idea after death.

2) The average 4-yr child asks over 400 questions a day.

3) A T1-83 calculator has six times the processing power than the computer that landed Apolo 11 on the moon.

4) More than 2500 left-handed people are killed from using equipment meant for right-handed people.

5) The average human body consists of 2 to 5 pounds of bacteria.

6) Starfish can grow the body by arms, in fact, their one hand can grow the whole body.

7) Google founder where willing to sell Google to exercise for below than 1 million in 1999- but excites turned down the offer.

8) The total weight of all hands in the earth is greater than the total weight of all humans in our Earth.

9) In 2008, almost 58% of all Britain’s thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real guy but 20% thought Winston Churchill was not.

10) Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the like button as an awesome button.

11) The population of an Ireland is still 2 million less than the potato famine, 160 years ago.

12) If the human brain were a computer it would perform 38 thousand trillion operations per second. The world’s most powerful supercomputer can process only 0.02 percentage of that.

13) The oldest person on the earth was born near to the closest signing of the United States Constitution than to today.

14) There is a garbage swirl in the Pacific ocean near the size of Texas.

15) You have a 1 in 200 chances of relating to the Genghis Khan.

16) When your mother was born she was already carrying the egg that turned out to you.

17) “Rain of fish” is annual weather where the fish rain from the sky onto the Honduran City of Yoro.

18) Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

19) The USA is an older country than Germany.

20) The longest interval between the birth of the two twins is 87 days.

21) Most people in the world suffer from obesity than from Hunger.

22) The mouse can fit through the hole of the size of a ballpoint pen.

23) Half of the human who has ever lived has died from malaria.

24) Humans share 50% of their DNA with a banana.

25) In 30 minutes the human body produces enough heat to boil a gallon of water.