The SEE Examination Has Begun In Nepal: The So-Called Iron Doors


The SEE Examination Has Begun In Nepal: The So-Called Iron Doors

The so-called iron gate for walking through the further step in life has begun in Nepal: The SEE exam is at the doorway, a bridge and a path which explores for the further examinations and higher studies in Nepal. The students appearing for it has been working really hard and it will so be reflected on their paper.

Currently, SEE graduates are seen very worried and their forehead is filled with the tika( considered as the blessing from elders) and the heart with fear. The full form of SEE is Secondary Education Examination which had been changed from SLC(School Leaving Certificate).

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Office of the controller of examination has distributed the examination routine of Grade 10 Secondary Education examination routine (Regular, exempted and grade increase).

The examination had begun from Chaitra 10, 2075 and will finish on Chaitra 21, Thursday.

Examination time:8-11 am.

A total of 511,000 regular students have registered for the SEE this year. The government has allocated Rs 26 million for all seven provinces and Rs 23 million for the central government to conduct the exam. The government had dissolved the Office of the Controller of Examinations to form National Education Board.

The question paper of all the provinces will remain the same, however, the exam centers will be different from their own school.

All the best to the appearing candidates of SEE. You can check the result of the examinations after they are published from Sambad SMS

The routine is as follows: