The Definition Of Love Has Now Been Proved To The Outer World: The Next-Level Love Story Of Bakhat Bista And Prativa Chaudhary Bista


 The Unique Couple Who Epitomized Love: Bakhat Bista And Prativa Chaudhary Bista, Read Their Story 

The social media and video platforms have been clinching their sites with feeds searching for the upsurge in the competitive market. On this race, the recently married couple has been a source of news to haunt on. This 5 months couple Bakhat Bista and Prativa Chaudhary had been viral since so many days on Youtube.

This couple is not, as usual, they have a unique and different story. They first met at a wedding and exchanged number and after some days they fell in love. Within a few weeks, they couldn’t resist being separated and so get married. Without the concern of family members, they got engaged in relation: The relation which defined them as a married couple. After some days, their families came to know the same and what next! they were separated. Days became weeks and weeks became months, the parting was so hard to the couple that they planned and came to Kathmandu.

Life has not been as easy as peeling off the banana or breaking a nutshell for this couple, living each of those tiny moments, facing the challenges, troubles, and hardships. Some days has been generally messier, some of them the filthier, hotter, crowded, and some more of an unpleasant experience. But they have maintained every bit of their relationship by care, affection, and love and made it alive. The definition of love has now been proved to the outer world.

Bakhat bista

The boy is a little shorter than the girl and they both are not matured as well, this may be the prime reason for the rejection by their families. Now there is no one in Kathmandu who does not know about this couple: Media has been so quick to burgeon every bit of their life experience for the sake of publicity. They are to be actors now by the so-called prolonged publicity. The couple has already been featured in the music video and will be releasing soon.

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