The Voice of Nepal With The First Episode Trending On #1



The Voice of Nepal With The First Episode Trending On #1 

Blind Audition

After the long wait, The Voice of Nepal debuted on national television. Many dreams found its way, many desires started getting the guidance and many passion knocking on the perfect door, The Voice of Nepal finally broadcasted its first episode on the Ap1 HD The international series is the most awaited show probably all over Nepal.

And its worth the wait, the prodigy of the Voice all over the world, the dashing buzzing button which lets the coaches turn off their chairs, the red musical chair that only turns for the perfect heart touching and breath-taking mesmerizing voice. The singer and the judges are like a magnet and its conductor, firstly the singer attracts the coaches by their voice and then the coaches tries to attract the singer to get them on the team. The judges will be selecting the singers only on the basis of the voice, hence resulting in the perfect selection. Isn’t it what you all wished the show would be?

Blind audition
Judges On The Red Musical Chair

This is just the blind auditions and there are many more rounds from which an individual has to get filtered and pass through the tiny pores of the paper. A small mistake can, however, result to be the tremendous turnover for getting knocked out of the great platform. The platform is the biggest singing reality show in Nepal.

Performer of The First Episode

There are many singing idols selected from the first episode and many to be selected as a family of The Voice of Nepal, to enroll with the rules and get the singing perfection. The show has proficient judges and since its spinal cord stays strong it is believed to have more fun, entertainment, and joy.

Stay tuned with AP1 Hd for The first ever Voice of Nepal.