Top 5 Websites In Nepal: Have a Look

There are millions of websites in Nepal made till date, some burgeons into a bigger one, some become a mediocre and most of them terminate due to lack of knowledge and enthusiasm. Here are we to talk about the top 5 websites of Nepal.

Youtube is a video sharing and viewing site which allows users to upload, download and view the contents very easily. It was established on 14 February 2005 by the employees from Paypal. Youtube is the most viewed and recent update of youtube had explored sharing videos and chatting with them on the Youtube itself.

It is an informational portal which has an answer for everything in the world, and it contains images, web pages, videos, podcasts and many more. It’s an American Based Multinational Company that has its specialization in internet related services- online advertising technologies and search engine, hardware, and software.

This is basically the news platform. As its name suggests, onlinekhabar posts the news related to the country and even international news online. It has been familiar with almost all the news channels of Nepal and online media as well. It was started by a team of students from the university on November 1, 2006. Recently, the website operates more than 50 journalists and it operates nearly on 65 countries with 700,000 new users daily.

Kantipur daily is also the other news platform. This is the most trusted website for news in Nepal. It has a deep-seated belief in democracy. It posts news about every aspect- sports, weather, politics and international news as well. This owns the latest digital technology for printing with 3 satellites across 3 cities in the country.

It is actually an American online-based social networking site. It was launched on 2004, Feb 04 by Mark Zuckerberg. He was not alone but was in a team with his mates from Havard. It is a platform established for sharing of media, information on a global basis. Most of Nepal uses Facebook as a portal to be in touch with friends, families and to know about the latest bugs in the world.

Note: These rankings can differ day by day according to viewers and traffic. This statistics is according to Jan 1, 2019, which is rated by Alexa ranking and can differ day by day.