Want To Laugh Harder Tonight? Join Here For Nep-Gasm

The human mind is the perfect combination of happiness and sadness. If you are sad you may be wondering about the key to happiness. If you have got a really long vacation; you can rejuvenate yourself through the long trip on a calm and serene place. But many people are found to be engaged on the source that gives happiness within the short term. Since happiness is so subjective, one cannot really be measured and study it scientifically and hence there is no agreed upon definition for it, yet still everyone seems to be selling happiness these days- drug dealers, pharmaceutical companies, movies, toy companies, self-help gurus, and, of course politicians and standup comedians. Standup comedy in Nepal indeed is one of the most loved live comedy show so far.


Stand-up comedy, popularly known by the name Nep-Gasm, is hiking up in the air these days. And it started officially from Nov 12, 2017. Nep-Gasm provides ultimate satisfaction in the form of entertainment media. They come every Thursday 7 pm. Nep-Gasm works in association with Celebrity Management Nepal (CMN), that manages celebrity in the various parts of Nepal.


The team Nep-Gasm has their show live and later they upload it on Youtube and social media. By now they have already hit 48,959 subscribers on the official Youtube channel. They have their videos on Facebook and Instagram other than the Youtube. This is the great achievement within a short span. The main focus on the team Nep-Gasm is to produce youtube contents.

The source of happiness, Nep-Gasm, comes up with different vlogs, videos and live stand-up comedy as well but it is restricted only inside the Kathmandu Valley. Till now they have been surprising us with the new face in the community of Nepal-Stand Up comedy and defense the legacy in Nepal that comedy is not only about Mimicry.

The list of Popular Standup comedians in Nepal are:
1) Roshan Subedi
2) Saroj Bhandari
3) Doresh Khatiwada
4) Lok Mani Trital

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