Anyone who’s struggling to keep their weights in control will understand the difficulty in resisting delicious food. We’ve all been there; when our mouths water but the weight scale tells us otherwise. And so we’re compelled to walk away from eating to our hearts content and chew on boiled greens instead.

Dieticians will make you think it is all down to will power. Resisting fatty, sugary and basically any unhealthy food apparently is supposed to be our own choice of living. But there’s more science than just psychology when it comes to these “unhealthy” food.

Don’t blame yourself, it’s evolution’s fault!

Human evolution started roughly 2 million years ago and back then energy was a crucial element. Right now we can’t even wait for half an hour for our order to arrive at our tables. But back then, our forefathers had to hunt, gather or forage whatever food they could find to survive. Imagine chasing down a measly chicken for hours just to get a couple kilos of meat that too for your entire tribe’s dinner. No, thank you! I’ll just chew on last night’s bones!

All own to Biology

The sugary treats, fatty meals and crispy crunchy fried foods that are “unhealthy” by today’s standards were not only rare but extremely vital for early humans to keep up the strength for hunting and surviving in the wild. Our taste buds naturally developed a liking to food with high energy contents. Likewise, food that doesn’t have much energy to offer like vegetables became less desirable. Also, most harmful food tends to be more or less bitter which is why we dislike them. This evolutionary characteristic has stayed with us since then. Our modern day lives however, doesn’t demand as many calories as we did several thousand years ago. So the excess calories we consume are stored away as fat tissues. This again is our body’s way of storing energy in case we run out of it. Who knows what may come up, our bodies just like being prepared. What’s the harm in that?

Of course, excess calories prevent the normal functioning of vital organs leading to fatal diseases. These unhealthy diets have only just begun to be so readily available and hard on our health. Five or six decades before fast food outlets and cafes weren’t something you’d see in every street. It’s all because biology has a hard time keeping up with modernization. But even though you now know why, it’s still not a good idea to always treat your tongue well. A healthy diet is very crucial in order to live a healthy life. Or you can always run around for half an hour until they deliver you your food to even things out. The choice is up to you.