Will You Be Single Forever? Test Your Personality, Improve Your Chances At Love


We know a lot of people out there have a fear of commitment. What’s scarier than that is the idea of ending up alone forever. Getting married and finding your true soulmate might not always be the same thing. Were the people you dated all potential jerks or was it something you’re missing out on? Could it be something that you’re doing that’s causing you to fail in relationships? Will you be single forever?  Read more on what your chances are and how to overcome them.

Are you meeting new people?

Obviously, to get into a relationship, you can’t be a loner. So if you’re an introvert who’s not up to meeting people, either in person or online, chances are you won’t be too lucky in finding love. For the rest of us, expanding your circle lets you know more people. It allows you to make new connections and hopefully the most important one as well.

Do you have a vision of what your ideal life partner should be like?

If you’re answer is yes, you’re in trouble. Most of us make a long list of characteristics and features we want in our partners. Curse you movies and books! But perfect partners don’t exist! We fail to accept people as they are because they don’t match our idealism. Next thing you know, you’ve broken up with a great person just because they weren’t exactly “perfect”. But let’s get rid of that insanity. Trust me, once you’re in love, your partner will automatically be perfect, there’s no need to find perfection.

Do you walk away from people way too quickly?

Our mentality affects our personality. Once a few things don’t go our way, we prefer walking away. We put our egos and fears before every other thing and never hear their side of the story. We think from our perspective but never acknowledge our own partner’s views if they don’t match ours. To have a proper healthy relationship, we need to have a mutual understanding. Anytime a problem comes up, have a talk and sort it out as much as you can. It was always that simple!

single foreverAre you still stuck in the past?

Holding on to ex partners’ memories will never lead you anywhere. It’s just one slot. If you hold on to your ex, no new person will be able to fill it. Just remember the reasons that things didn’t work out and accept the fact that it wasn’t meant to be. Take your time, focus on your life goals and slowly let it go. Make yourself ready for when the right one comes along.

Do you act as true partners when in a relationship?Holding-Hands

You can’t expect yourself to always be treated as royalty and never do anything for your partner. You can’t cry on their shoulder but never even lend them a handkerchief. Think back to how much you’ve supported your partner at the fun times or the hard times. Like friendships, relationships are also a two way street! Remember to be their best friend before their boyfriend/girlfriend. After all you’re both in this together.