Wondering about how to retain what you read?

Honeydoze has come up with the solution to set up your mind and make you not forgot what you read.

You may be wondering how to retain your reading, how to refresh your mind and be free. Our mind is a complete mystery, the more you research and understand it, the more you will be surprised. No matter how much you enjoy the text at the time of reading, it matters how much you can retain it.


Don’t worry its a human phenomenon of forgetting, nevertheless just because its a human habit of forgetting one should not simply accept it. There are plenty of methods which will be discussed here which can help you for the same.

1) Take Notes on The Page

Your reading habit should engage a little of writing too, confused, not anymore now, you should always make a habit of taking pencil and paper just to note the important matters in the reading. Underlining the confusing words, drawing lines and diagrams helps you more.

2) Skim The Text

Reading the whole passage or the paragraph word to word will make you to more confuse, instead what can be done is just skimming the passage: reading the whole passage to get the important and main idea and highlight the matters that are more relevant.

3) Ask Yourself Questions About The Material.

Reading just blindly will not benefit you if it does it will simply entertain you for a short period of time. One more idea about retaining is asking yourself questions about the material. This will help you.

4) Introduce The Information To The Others

If you want to grasp for the longest time, you have to introduce the matter to the third person or just explain to them what you read. This activates your mind and helps you remember the matter life long.

5) Become Familiar With The Topic First.

Does your mind feel comfortable when you read the text for the first time or will it help you to make easy to read the text that you are familiar with? Of course, the second part. This is what the point wants to deploy.

6) Read Out Loud

According to psychologists, reading the matter loud will refresh and activate your mind and helps you to distract less, this will then help you to retain more.

That’s because the sentences you speak (or even whisper) out loud take on a uniqueness. You can keep the things in your mind more producing and hearing the items and so your memory for them is different from the memory of the words you read silently.

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