You Won’t Believe Whom Sonam Kapoor Almost Dated Because of Anand Ahuja


We all remember when the Internet broke with Sonam Kapoor and husband Anand Ahuja setting wedding goals. Who could forget the beautiful settings, the adorable moments and the perfect couple! And it’s fairly obvious that people would want to hear the back story of how it all began. Yes, we just couldn’t get enough and wanted to know more! Who wouldn’t?

When asked about the proposal, Sonam Kapoor gave a very straight forward answer. The couple was in New York, riding bicycles and having a casual conversation when Anand Ahuja pulled out the ring. It happened with such simplicity but most girls love being swept off their feet when least expected. So did Sonam, way to go Anand!

Sonam KapoorJust when you thought the love story was like a fairy tale, wait till you find out what almost happened. Apparently Anand Ahuja tried to set up Sonam Kapoor with one of his close friends. Sonam won’t tell us the name, just the fact that he is cute, nice and still available by the way! Sometimes things just don’t click. Even if two people might appear to have a lot in common they might not have any mutual interest in one another. Their friends even tricked Sonam into meeting the unnamed friend of Anand. It was during the shoot of Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. During a dinner meet, Anand and his friend were both present but Sonam spent the entire evening talking to just Anand. It’s like it was written in the stars for these two.

Love finds its way. Although Anand was trying to set his friend up with Sonam, she says they never clicked. The two (Anand and Sonam) started having conversations over the phone and it wasn’t long before they fell in love themselves. Well thank God for that! No one can argue about how beautiful Anand and Sonam look together. And how does Anand feel about all this? He probably laughs it off whenever he remembers the turn of events that led to him finding his soulmate. One thing’s for sure, we all believe in destiny a lot more now!