Babu and Yash

12 years (2062 BS) ago the song named Siudo Ma Kasto was recorded on the voice of Babu Bogati with music and lyrics by Yash Kumar. Recently new version of same song with lyrical video is released by Ekdev Limbu on youtube and it has over million views.

Photo: Ekdev Limbu YouTube

Once Babu Bogati and Yash Kumar were best friends. They have started their career at same time and done several songs along with one movie Bato Muni Ko Phul together. Nowadays there is not goingwell between them, both of them do not want to see each other’s face.

The latest reason which about to force Babu Bogati to go court is Siudo Ma Kasto song. Recently when Yash Kumar given average level song Siudo Ma Kasto to Ekdev Limbu, Babu Bogati is not happy with it. According to him no one asked original singer before releasing its new version, which is not fair. On the other hand Yash Kumar said I had given original song to Babu 12 years ago as a my brother with no payment. And now Ekdev asked me for same song and I have given him accordingly.

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But Babu Bogati is not happy with his statement and preparing for copyright case against him.

What do you think, who is right here ?
Have you listened the song ? Which one is better ?
Let us know your views on comment section below.



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