Tips To Help You Improve SEO and Hence The Ranking Of Your Website

Improve SEO: Are you a content writer or a blogger and worried about your website in SEO and ranking problems? If yes, not to be worried! Everyone is being alarmed with their rankings, engagement of audience on their post and ultimately the money. Keep yourself calm and be peaceful and read this: This post helps you to grow stronger and change the way you create the post and improve your SEO.


1) Improve your page loading speed

The time it takes to completely load your website has a lot more connections with the rankings. The slow loading of the contents will be recognized by Google and it will harm your rankings. If the pages take more than 3 secs to load then it’s not considered good. If this happens, again and again, more than 80% of the visitors are not expected to return. There are several ways where you can test the speed of the website,

2) Produce high-quality content

The content you create once will not always help your website grow. So, if you are not willing to update your contents timely again your contents will be outdated and ranking may come down. So have frequent maintenance on the site. A good SEO requires high-quality content, recent and relevant. If you keep on doing this your website becomes fresh and to the point so the visitors are expected to spend their time more than any other websites. This boosts up your ranking.

3) Optimize your images

Pictures and other images are the main attractions for your website to gather the audience. But do you ever keep an eye on them to see if they are optimized properly? This is what you may be missing, these images are the source to improve your SEO ranking. The optimizing factors such as file format and size. Huge images can slow your page loading time, which, as told, shuffles your ranking. Resizing or compressing your images to optimize them can work to achieve your dream. Selecting an appropriate keyword for image helps google to filter the search and redirect to your site.

4) Make sure your site is readable

You may be a professional in a field and your writing may be vast. Your website visitors are not always the person who has high and profound knowledge. If he/she finds your writing deep and vast and has to spend more time even to read the simple sentence then they will never return. Make sure you write in a way where the majority of the audience catches up what you are trying to convey.

5) Optimize your site for mobile devices

Most of the users prefer mobile phone over personal computers. According to google analytics above 60% of the users choose a mobile phone. So make sure you optimize your site for mobile use. If not risk at your hand and can hinder your progress by a large amount.

Other key points are just listed below which are self-explanatory, Read them and correctly analyze this and implicate this on your site.

6) Properly format your page
7) Provide appropriate contact information
8) Encourage sharing on social media
9) Use keywords
10) Don’t use only text, use pictures, videos and many other attracting things.


Make sure you follow all these and this will help to improve SEO for sure.