Watch The First Episode of ‘We Asked’ On Paradygm TV: Harassment in Public Vehicles

While half the Nepal is still busy being proud of the Everest and Buddha, the other half are being molested in public places, buses and in other areas. Every now and then we hear the heart wrecking news: someday it’s rape, child murder while the other days we hear of kidnaps and some other crimes. And surprisingly! it’s women to be the victim of the incident most of the time.

An Image Showing Public Harassment On Bus

Nepal, a country which was declared as one of the most peaceful nations is now a place even difficult to breath. There are no restrictions to age, gender, religions for the crime to bring to an end. No one seems to be safe in the nation, not even foreigners. These incidents have been an easy source for news and media to hunt on, to quench their thirst for news daily.

To make the public aware and to mark the caution for safety, Paradygm TV has come up with the new show ‘We Asked’ featuring Avash Ghimire and Binayak Kuinkel. These guys roam around the streets asking questions with people and leaving them a path of caution. The first episode was about Harassment in Public Vehicles.

Man Touching Women On Sensational Area

The interviewed women and girls are sharing their experiences on public vehicles so far and giving suggestions to mark the safety. They have been complaining about being touched in sensitive areas, pushed in public, watched with suspicion and ultimately became a victim of the heinous crimes.

Harassment on Microbus

The issue has been a now of the serious concern of the nation and every now and then the nation is inundating with the incident and tears. Government have to understand the pain, agony and a feeling of deep melancholy being vicarious to the incident of a father whose daughter had been raped?

Hoping the heinous crime against girls will stop and diverges the path, let’s move a step forward and help the crime resolve.

Watch Full Episode Here: