Nepal celebrates a day to eat Dahi-chuira on Asar 15th (B.S.) every year. Know what is it called by name.


asar 15Nepal, known for the vast culture and tradition has at least a day per month. In the 15th day of month of Asar in Nepali calendar i.e June of the A.D. Nepal celebrates “Dahi chuira khaney din” i.e. day to have curd and a type of beaten rice called as chuira in nepali.

This day also celebrates the harvesting season in Nepal which is commonly called as “ropain”. On this day, Nepalese people go to fields and enjoy planting crops and play with the mud there. asar 15 ropai

After this, everyone returns back home to eat the very delightful dish “dahi-chuira” where some prefer to add cooked vegetables while some eat dahichuira only after all everyone’s wish is their’s. This happens annually on 15th Asar (B.S.). Relatives and friends get a time to get together in this event and have loads of fun away from the stress of every problem.

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