“You are so beautiful” – something we have been hearing be it, been said to us or to any other human. So yes, how do u say this? What makes your lips utter this? Answers rumbling around corners of your mind and not at least to this writing but being honest to your heart everyone of u got a picture, a sketch of a person with a flat belly, a well toned body, beautiful eyes, attractive lips and stuffs as such which stood up to become the “beauty” of your thoughts. I certainly am clashing my thoughts of what might be running in your mind as I can perfectly imagine what might be going on.

Okay, so now? Now what? Let me ask you a question now! Wouldn’t u choose Emma Watson to Lizzie Velasquez for being your love of life, oh common who won’t? Ooh forget about love, most of u might not even have idea, who the later girl is, that I talked about. So, here i ask “why?” Just because she doesn’t have a good eye color? Or is it so that she doesn’t have that even arrangement of teeth you expect in your diagram of a beautiful person. Oh get out of this girl matter only, even boys. Like yes, for a boy to be called handsome, he has to be dashing, have six pack abs should have enough of bank balance with numerous amount of zeros following the initial numerals. Where are you right now? Thinking of yourself? Oh. please don’t worry, if u have a even toned body, u have an impressive hair cut and a well maintained , worked out body, you aren’t going to be expelled from the sketch of being handsome.

Over with these? So, i now say beauty is something that only heart can see- mind you over what i wrote, heart- and so only people with that see this beautiful thing called “the beauty of a soul”. “Diva”, u say to someone whose happiness is spread over people, who makes her jolliness, shower vibes in the arena she’s present in. The one who respects you for what you stand as, for what you were born for and accepts you with all the warmth form the depth of her heart. Beautiful should be the tag to the one whose smile brightens up the days of people and whose soul is so pure to be loved. No matter you weigh 400 kilos you still can be pretty as prettiness is happiness. Yes, prettiness is happiness and happiness is ultimately beautiful!

 prettiness is happiness and happiness is ultimately beautiful !

Like, live examples are still around you, turn to your window and look out how beautiful nature is. How natural, how pretty yet so much appreciated. And you being such a small part of it have your illusioned definition and have judged other gifts of nature on that basis, dude. Learned your standards now? Oh, i realize the vibes i am getting after every word you are finishing with.

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Overwhelmingly, you would now never get any artificial definition mistaken to the real one; never would you judge beauty over anything, any stuff created in factories, to the stuff created by that power, that ultimate power. Today, i dare you to erase all that you had in mind and appreciate every make – up of every person on this arena and then realize how marvelously everything runs and how beauty will always be surrounding you.