Why Has Ashika Tamang Marked Animal Sacrifice So Blatantly Prominent?


Why Has Ashika Tamang Marked Animal Sacrifice So Blatantly Prominent?

Slaughtering of animals on the festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Holi and other auspicious occasions like marriage, birthday parties in the name of the religion has a solid connection with a belief system and spirituality. No religion supports the agony caused towards the animals before, during or after ritual sacrifice. This is done to propitiate the divine to serve our desires, fears, and hunger.

Similarly, a girl named Ashika Tamang has been viral on media these days regarding the same issue. She is named ‘Khasini’. Ashika Tamang who is residing currently in Germany posted a 4 min video on Tiktok(the former Musical.ly); on the same video, she suggested not to sacrifice goats and other animals for meat. She has been literally soaked with tears on suggesting the same to all the Nepalese. She again suggests eating meat but objects killing goats. Further, she added if you have to eat meat or kill goat/any other animals, kill those who don’t have a family. Previously, she has also posted the same on her profile.

Ashika Tamang
Ashika Tamang’s Post from Facebook

Since this 4 min video has been viral on the name of ‘Khasini’ people has not left criticizing. Some people argue this video was for made just to attract media and people for commensurating her unsuccessful career in acting to get a breakthrough and lead further while others support it as an innocence.

People blame this to Hinduism- This slaughtering is not only unique to Hinduism, but all religions take equal credentials over it. In Christianity, can you even imagine how many turkeys, chickens, cows, and pigs get slaughtered to celebrate Christmas? The fact that they eat the meat does not change the way they celebrate the birth of their God by killing life. Same applies for the Muslims, wonder how many goats, sheep, and camel get slaughtered for their festivals in Eid.

Mass Animal Sacrifice

There can be a quite a bit of hypocrisy here. The meat industry kills animals in millions while even the largest event like the Nepali animal sacrifice kills 5000 animals per year. Thousands of dogs are killed in the US every year to keep the US cities free from stray dogs. Are these activities not related to animal sacrifices or animal violence?

Ashika Tamang
Animal Sacrifice

Man quenches his hunger and thirst in a variety of ways. We use religion, custom, and authority in every way to justify his weaknesses, fears, and hunger. Common religion and tradition are, not alone in their ignorance, humanity is always small in its essence, however, can grand and eloquent it’s just out of its ignorance.