5 Most Loved Cricketers of All Time


5 Most Loved Cricketers of All Time

Who do you think are the top cricketers in the world? It is highly debatable to choose a player as top ones in the crazy and competitive world due to the ups and downs of the players every weekend. Most of the fantabulous players will miss out, and this list is based on the current performances of the players in the competitive market.

If we have left out some important one, please let us know with the recent updates.

1. SIR DONALD BRADMAN (1928-1948)

Don bradman
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An Australian player, with 6996 runs and a high score of 334, is a prodigy for the modern world, and most preeminent player in any era. The greatest batsman, therefore, is referred to as ‘ The Don’ and has the test batting average of 99.94. He is the first ever Australian to be featured on the Australian postage stamp while still alive. He is the great player of the era and has impacted a lot.

2. SIR GARFIELD SOBERS (1954-1974)

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He is the West Indies cricketer who has played 93 tests and has a total of 8032 runs and 835 wickets. He is considered as the greatest all-rounder of the cricket in the world. He is the left-handed batsman and was considered as quadruple for bowling both stem and spin. He was the greatest player and particularly the great batsman of the world over his career and best stroke-player. While retirement, he had already set the record for the highest individual score in his name as the leading run-scorer in the test cricket.

3. SACHIN TENDULKAR (1989-2013)

Sachin tendulkae
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When you claim someone as the best player it’s not only about the runs and performance but also the solidity of the fans carrying on the shoulder: Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian retired cricketer who played 200 tests with 15,921 runs and a high score of 248. None of the players are as known as him for the dominance of the modern era with the retirement in 2013. He has served cricket the fifth longest of all time and ended up with the test victory in the home ground. He is the first player to claim double century in 2010 in the International cricket. He has a long list of accolades which profound him as the greatest player of all time.

4. SHANE WARNE ( 1992-2007)

Shane warne
Source: Indiatvnews.com

Another man from Australia, popularly known as ‘ The King of Spin’, has taken 708 wickets on the total tests of 145 games. The struggles he had in the backyard of the field proved him the finest leg-spinner of all time in the world. The former Aussie ODI caption was selected as one the five Wisden Cricketers of the Century, only specialist bowler selected in the quintet. He was also the commentator and professional poker player who retired in 2013.

5. IMRAN KHAN ( 1971- 1992)

Imran khan
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Imran Khan is the Pakistani Cricketer who proved his excellence through only 88 test games has 3807 runs in his name. He has taken 362 wickets at an average 22.81 which is actually a great pace to start with. His accuracy, passion, and willingness for the game made him none less than a legend and an icon of the many. He retired in 1987 but after the request of his president reverted the decision and lifted a World Cup Trophy in 1992. He isthe role model of many.