Are the Sportsmen Only Determined By Scores and Performance in the Pitch?

When we watch any kind of sports we will mostly be concerned about the scores rather than any other things in the field. The response of the players, sticking to the rule, respect for the all the players, opponents or the officials of the game also counts the most for a player in addition to fair play. The behavior and attitude of the players they show towards the game, respect for the rules of the game is the sportsmanship. The team that wins the game is a winner, however, the one who shows true sportsmanship will win the praise and trust over the mass; and is also one of the prime quality that any sportsperson should possess. But, these days its mostly seen fans and players are possessive about presenting their competitive instinct.

Sportsmanship changes over time. Sportsmanship differs between sportsmen and its fans. Every one of them has the right to explore their playing skills, but when you are on a team you are representing the nation or the club and the jersey. You being on the field does not mean you are excused of your bad behavior towards the team (ignoring the opposing team, playing harshly and roughly, disrespecting others) and the officials too.

Nepali Footballer Winning Over Fans

Now, do you think only a sportsmen only has to be cautious? The fans on the other side have to be of good manner too. The game is not just about scoring but it is about respecting other peoples in the way you want to be treated. And this usually lost by the players on the field and off the field in the spirit of the competition and to be viral on media.

Sirish Gurung
Gold Medalist Siring Gurung

Coming to Nepal, the sportsmen have so far been showing a good sportsmanship. In every of the game, whether they win or lose the game, they win over the fans and never stop to amuse them with their hospitality.

Here is the list of the great sportspersons of Nepal:

1. Baikuntha Manandhar (Marathon Runner)
2.Dipak Bista (Taekwondo Player)
3. Hari Khadka (Footballer)
4. Dachiri Sherpa (Cross-Country Skier)
5. Mera Rai ( Trail Runner)
6. Paras Khadka(Cricketer)
7. Gyanendra Malla(Cricketer)
8. Sirish Gurung (Swimmer)
9. Siphora Gurung ( Volleyball Player)
10. Rajendra Bahadur Bhandari ( Long Distance         Runner)