Arsenal Into The Third After The 2-0 Win Over New Castle

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Arsenal Into Third After The 2-0 Win Over New Castle

It created the macabre of thoughts when Arsenal was 10 points back behind the Spurs(Tottenham) in the league table and now its 2 points clear of them. Wow! What a circumspect it is, What a turnaround by the gunners, what an amazing takeover by the lads and by this takeover it is likely that they will play Champions League for the upcoming season with only a few games left this season on a premier league.

Arsenal To Play One Game To Commensurate Equal Games With Other Teams

It was once when Arsenal used to qualify for the champions league on a regular basis and the gunners made a record for being qualified for 16 consecutive years together. The history of Arsenal with Arsene Wenger is actually great and worth revealing and now Unai Emery is also struggling a lot for maintaining the proper standard of the game. The lads are performing very well and the future of Arsenal is bright in the future.

Coming back to the win, Aaron Ramsey’s goal at 30th-minute set Arsenal that might hold the Champions League for the next season. It’s a gift to Arsenal by Aaron Ramsey for he is leaving Arsenal after 11 years of strong attachment to join Juventus on a free transfer in July. He remains important to Emery.

“I think Aaron Ramsey is happy,” Emery said. “He is helping us and is playing with a very good performance and scoring.”

It was a 2-0 win over New Castle on Monday by Arsenal which lifted Emery above the United, Chelsea and Spurs. The next goal was added by Alexandra Lacazette at the 83rd minute of the game.

The Man At Arsenal Unai Emery

“We are at the most important moment of the season,” Emery said. “We are making progress in the table but we know it is difficult. Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United are going to win a lot of games.”