With 35 games played by every teams on the La-Liga, Barcelona has been on the top with 83 points, 9 points ahead of Atletico Madrid. Three games on total remaining and even if Atletico wins its all the games, it is impossible for them to lift the title for Barcelona will win by the goal difference Barcelona-54 and Atletico Madrid-29.

As like Premier League, 4 of the 20 teams will qualify UEFA Champions League, the competition has been sturdy and worth to watch and the wait for the result has been a very strenuous task here too as in the Premier League, though the winner is decided.


Barcelona has so far won 26 La-Liga seasons, making 27th including the 2018-19 seasons. It’s of no excitement to the team and associated members as a newbie because it has been a part of mundane life, winning most of the seasons. Barcelona has a hold for many good players and it’s one of the top teams in La-Liga since time immemorial. Maradona, Zidane, Messi, Suarez, Jordi Alba and many other players have been gracing the team and maintaining the club’s dignity, praise and glory.

lional_messi_goal _celebration

With this Messi is a strong claimer of the Balloon d’Or. If he adds this season’s trophy he will be making it equal to the other profound and talented player Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is Barcelona’s eighth  La Liga title in the last 11 seasons, a  corroboration to the team’s incredible consistency. Glancing to the past, Real Madrid won the league in 2011/12 and 2016/17 and Atletico in 2013/14. On all three occasions, Barcelona finished as runners-up.
It is only once since 2003/04 Barcelona failed to finish in the top two – 2007/08 when they finished 3rd.

So, what is your prediction about the top 4 teams? Whom do you think will qualify for top 4 positions on the league? Stay with us and comment on the section below. Make it interactive.