Barcelona Won Over Manchester United In The First Leg


Barcelona Won Over Manchester United In The First Leg

The two huge teams played on the field Wednesday night at Old Trafford. Manchester United hosted Barcelona in their home at Old Trafford in a Champions League quarter-final first leg tie. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United’s manager had made great preparation for though it was an unexpected loss for them to lose at home side. Ole Gunnar has shown little signs of sadness after the early goal at home, nevertheless, there is one more chance to move a step closer to the claim the trophy.


Barcelona has ultimately won the first leg after an early goal, but this is not to say that they won over United and will be moving towards semifinals: The second leg coming week which will be on Barcelona’s home ground also has to be in favor of them. United are very strong and Ole Gunnar may bring an amazing change over the squad and some motivation for the players providing an inclination towards the win.

Lionel Messi avoided a serious injury after being whacked by Smalling, he was bloodied but relieved later. It was an important win in the away game on Wednesday for playing at home may not be that hard as it is said.

Solskjaer added,” There are pluses and negatives and we were a bit nervous. Despite the loss, the performance was not bad, in fact, it was a classic performance by them after they were one goal down.”

Wait for the other game to reach over the winner who will make their positions in the semifinals. These winners will play and if the win will reach finals. The champions league is really fun to watch especially of these teams who are highly spirited. Support your team and make them win.
Good Luck!