Can Arsenal Retrench Their 4th Position Back In The League?

Arsenal is one game deficit in the Premier League and currently 6th in position in the premier league table. They have a match with Watford at the Watford’s home. For Arsenal to regain this position this must be a win for them. If the game will be in an Arsenal’s favour they will be in the third position by replacing United from 4th.

Unai emery
Unai Emery Arsenal’s Manager

The top position is the first thing that keeps the League alive for most of the team compete to remain on top, this time there is a competition seen between Manchester City and Liverpool for the top position. More than being on top there is a race for the top 4 positions between the renowned teams Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and preceding teams too.

Arsenal has shown their classy performance this whole season in the game held on Emirates Stadium. It is the power that held Arsenal manager, Unai Emery, to an upsurge in the league and overall performance of the team. He motivates, praises and uplifts the player and if not he will find the other way to penetrate to the top. It does not mean that Arsene Wenger, the deeply venerated manager who took care of Arsenal for more than 20 years was not capable, it is being happier for not being in the top 4th position for the preceding seasons for Gunners.

The four teams staying on the top of the table at the end of 38 games play UEFA Champions League and 5th can play UEFA Europa League
after getting through the qualifiers. Each team gets 3 points at the end of the game if they win, 1 if draw and no points for a loss. The decision of the title winners is on the same basis, one having highest point wins the game.

All the best to each and every team of the League and for the fans support your team and enjoy. Whom do you think will win the title?

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