Can Liverpool Win The Premier League This Season?

With great competition and winning spirit, all the teams started the game with a positive hope and enormous energy. But, the performance of the whole team in each match keeps them apart from each other in the table. This is how it has been a great competition and the performance of every team is better. So far 33 games have been played by each team, however, some teams have played 34 games too and Liverpool is at the top of the league.

Liverpool is at the top and Manchester City in the second position. This season has been one of the closest Premier League races with just a handful of games remaining and fans, coaches and players are analysing every potential twist and turn of the run-in and quenching the thought. The is set to fire between City and Liverpool for the top position and the Premier League title 2018/19.

Now, with just 4 games to go for this season, Liverpool will not easily leave this position. However, Manchester City can take the lead if Liverpool loses even a match with any teams. So, it’s a very tight competition and really worth watching and waiting for the one to see the who will win. The top 4 positions of the league are

1) Liverpool
2) Manchester City
3) Tottenham Hotspur
4) Arsenal

Here the Premier League table is shown :

Premier League Table

All the best to each and every team of the League and for the fans support your team and enjoy. Whom do you think will win the title?

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