Can Unai Emery At Arsenal Publish Gunners To The Top of The Table?


Can Unai Emery At Arsenal Publish Gunners To The Top of The Table

After the performance of the Arsenal in the last season under Arsene Wenger, the fans are in deep melancholy. Arsene Wenger hence announced the exit at Arsenal as a manager. With most of the defeats, Arsenal didn’t even make it to top 4 and hence didn’t qualify to play for the Champions League. Since then Arsenal relegated Unai Emery as a new manager.

Unai emery
Unai Emery Joining Arsenal

Can Unai Emery now transform this deep melancholy to ecstasy for the fans worldwide? Can he improve the team stats and count Arsenal again in the top of the table? This is a complete mystery until now and one cannot even predict the future of the team. The Premier League has already started and the team has already initiated amazing with the change in the pace of the game, the determination of the team, the winning spirit in the starting 2 matches have already reflected, though it has been defeated. Yes, you may ask how can you count this defeat as a win. This definitely is a win for the gunners and it is said that success does not come overnight, it takes time. There are still 36 matches to be played and the good to rise.


But, this does not mean the other teams are weak, they are very splendid, strong and stolid. The other teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and many other teams are doing very good as well.
Arsenal has completed much more transfers than any other seasons, it includes improvement in the defense, keeper, and midfield too. So, one can already infer the change in the game and the improvement.

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Unai Emery is expected to bring a lot of changes in the game and season. It’s performance, however, is yet to be seen on UEFA Europa League and it is the must-win contender of the league. But, it’s not the only manager whose effort improves the game, players also have to devote a lot towards the club, manager and the fans worldwide.

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