Copa America: Know All About The Competition


Copa America: Know All About The Competition

Keeping all the muddy talks and enthusiasm of the matches being held currently aside, do you know what is Copa America? How these matches are being held and how is this running? Don’t worry we are here to give you complete information regarding Copa America.

Copa America, the international men’s association football championship organised by CONMEBOL, the running football association of South America. It is now held in Brazil and runs from 14 June to 7 July at 6 ventures across the country.

There are 12 teams being selected after the qualification between the competing one. There are 6 venues for the game, 5 with the host country and rest with the other. The teams that are playing lists as follows:
1) Argentina
2) Bolivia
3) Brazil
4) Chile
5) Colombia
6) Ecuador
7) Japan
8) Paraguay
9) Peru
10) Qatar
11) Uruguay
12) Venezuela

These teams are divided into a group stage and winner of each group gets qualified for the further rounds. The group stage gets converted now into the knockout stage. The matches in the knockout stage are quarterfinal, semifinal and the final which chooses the ultimate winner.

The currently held 2019 Copa America series is the 46th edition of the Copa America. This is a very old and renounced series. Brazil is the host nation for season 46 and has entered final by beating Argentina in the semi-final with 2-0 on the lead. Now, Brazil and Peru will play for the final and winner is yet to be decided.

Coming to the trophies, Uruguay has been the winner most of the time winning the game for 15 times. And Chile has been the current winner with the 2nd title. It was founded back in 1916, 103 years ago and its stability and running body have been so cool and cooperative that it has maintained its status till today.