Do You Know What Cricket Means to India?

Cricket: As they say, ” The chariot without a horse is aimless”. Nevertheless, the statement seems fatal when someone links cricket to the Indians. This is not to say that Indian are aimlessly progressing forward but the counterfeiting statement is to make the claim that cricket is the most popular game in India and is played almost every nook and corner of the country: There is no restrictions for the age group, from small child to old age people are seen living the moment with the game.

And you know what, there are innumerable competitions India takes part in and one would be amazed to see the number of trophies won each year. If you sit and count the number of trophies won by India till date, you would probably get wrinkles all over your face- The trophies and accolades won by the team in International and National matches is uncountable.

Indian Cricket team

Cricket is not only the game or the matter of enjoyment for India. It can rather be called as a culture of India, the matter of pride for whole India. This the reason why Indian teams are stronger and can penetrate any teams through the team play.

India shares biggest rivalry with the neighbouring country Pakistan and the game held between India and Pakistan is recorded as world’s most watched broadcast and one of the most anticipated matches.

Indian’s are therefore crazy and can do everything for the sake of the cricket. Recently, in the match held by ICC, ICC World Cup 2019, India is showing very good performance as always and yeah, it’s a great matter of pride.


The history of the team, list of the trophies and several other matters are left knowingly to discuss in the next article. Here is the link below click to see its full history.