Do You Know Who Are The Top 5 Footballers of All Time? Have A Look



Do You Know Who Are The Top Footballers of All Time? Have A Look At List Of Top 5

Top 5 footballers: This is of no doubt that football is one of the most liked and watched games of all time: It is rare to find someone on the galaxy who don’t like football. The passion for football is boundless to even an individual who has a hectic and busy schedule or one who is just free, the time devoted to the sports by them shows their interest and love towards the same. We have the list of top 5 footballers of all time.



The King of Football, Pele, also known as ‘O Rei’ has been popular from the age 17 when he won the World’s Champion trophy for Brazil in 1958. He was the most paid player in his time. He is a player to win three Fifa World Cups and the only Brazilian player with 77 goals. He is awarded the International Peace Award for his work in UNICEF. Though he has retired from Football his legacy can never be forgotten, his record-breaking achievements cannot be mislead.



Diego Maradona, a former Argentine player, and a national team manager, who is considered as a living diefy of the football. He is the only player who has set the transfer fees record twice. The control over the ball, perfect dribbles, reaction time, skills and tricks was so accurate, perfect and breathtaking that all the players on his leadership would be greatly influenced and the performance of the team will have a great effect. He is given the name ‘ The Golden Boy’ due to his profound talent. He is one of the greatest footballers of all time and is the player of FIFA for a 20th century along with Pele.



The greatest player from France who used to play as a midfielder was crowned as the array of European Footballer of all times. The 3 times winner of Fifa World Cup has been accoladed with Ballon d’Or once, awarded With Golden Boot as well and named FIFA Player of the year 3 times. He is a former coach of the club Real Madrid. He is also one of the greatest footballers of all time and has given a lot to football in his career.



Another great player, who started off with exhilarating speed, the deftness of feet and pile drivers shots coming from both feet. With all conviction, the best first touch under pressure that any football player could ever have. He is often considered as the best player in the world with five record records of Ballon d’Or awards, four of which he won on the consecutive years and he has been holding a record of most goals scored in La-Liga (387). His professional years has all been devoted to Barcelona where he has won 33 trophies, 9 La-Liga titles, 4 UEFA Champions League and 6 Copas Del-Ray. He is of no doubt one of the living legend and greatest player of all time.



Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese national player, is too considered as one of the best players in the world. He has been awarded five Ballon d’Or awards. He is the first player to win golden shoes for four years in Europa League. A prolific goal scorer, the playmaker was listed by Forbes as the worlds highest paid athlete in 2016. He is a caption of the team Portugal and named as one of the best players in Portugal and the highest European International goalscorers of all time.