Eoin Morgan Beyond All: Rohit, De Villiers and Gayle

Ever heard of a man, a player in particular, responsive to rainfall? Yeah, England Cricketer, Eoin Morgan has made the World record by knocking the highest in a one-day match. He has created a rainfall of records in one inning of a one-day match- he has hit most 6 runs in one inning.

In a match against Afghanistan under the ICC Cricket World Cup, he scored 17- 6’s in the ongoing game against Afghanistan, Morgan has made a record in the one-day game.

Earlier, in a one-day match, three players hit the same 16-16 sixes and the record was attached with their names, Rohit Sharma of India, Chris Gayle of West Indies, AB De Villiers of South Africa. This has therefore been a new record of 17-6’s.

Eoin Morgan
Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan added 148 runs in the game. He scored 4 fours and 17 sixes in 71 balls. He was caught out in the final ball of 47th over by the caption of Afghanistan, Guldin Naib.

Morgan has shown his perfection in the game. Nevertheless, the other three, Gayle, Rohit and Devillers are not less in showing their game too. Players and their perfection have been a matter of their hardships, struggles and determination to do something.

If someone is looking for a role model, then these players are the perfect example of the so. They are a great source of motivation for all us. The hard work, determination and struggles are all hidden behind this classy performance by the players, all we see or observe is the play on the ground.

Eoin Morgan
A-Team of Perfection

The history of the players, list of the trophies and several other accolades are not yet explored. They are great and they got a lot of media and exposure, this is also the reason for their being upsurge so fast in their career.