Fabregas Breaks Down Over Tears To Leave Chelsea: See His Contributions

Cesc Fabregas has left Chelsea for joining Monaco, he left the pitch in tears after the emotional farewell to Chelsea during the FA Cup win with Nottingham Forest on Saturday. He was a midfielder and such a player was a gift by God to the team Chelsea. Of course, Chelsea has lost the playmaker, the dribbler, and game changer. Cesc Fabregas though grew physically older but he is mentally strong and energetic.


Fabregas quoted “Time flies, It feels like last week that I started playing professionally and now it’s more than 15 years. It goes so fast and you have to be ready every three days, for the criticism with everyone saying how good you are and the ups and downs. It feels like growing older it never goes away it is technique. Physicality goes away. Technicality stays with you.”


He has made 501 appearances in English Premier League, first an Arsenal Player and Chelsea, his every moves, every tactic and every decision favored Chelsea. He is a Spanish player and signed Premier League when he was 16 in club Arsenal and played for the club Barcelona too.

Fabregas While In Arsenal

Fabregas has a lot of accolades and prizes over his career: He has won FA Cup titles from Arsenal, Premier League Titles, Community Shield, UEFA European Champions title as a team and player of the season while in Arsenal for 2-3 seasons and many more single achievements to be listed.

Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal). Arsenal 1:0 West Ham United, Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium, Arsenal Football Club, London, 30/10/2010. Credit : Stuart MacFarlane / Arsenal Football Club.

Being a player one has to sacrifice many things in life, first the family for the club and when aged the club where he learned the basic skills. Fabregas left Chelsea at the age of 31 where he played for 15 long years and joined Monaco.

Farewell to him.