FIFA is one of the most loved game in Nepal. From the local game parlors to the personal smart phones, we can see the game being played among the various diversity of platform. With every new installment of FIFA the game has evolved being more attractive and real life like simulation with upgraded controls and graphics.

The release of FIFA 19 is only couple of months away and the fans all over the world are eagerly waiting. The game is set to release on September 28, timed before the festive season as confirmed by the EA Sports.

FIFA 19 releasing soon

Furthermore, EA sports has gained the rights to the UEFA Champions League. So, now the prestigious competition will be featured in FIFA 19.It is going to be the center of attraction for FIFA 19 as said by the executive producer Aaron McHardy.

The cover star for the game is confirmed to be Cristiano Ronaldo for the second time in a row. But with Ronaldos transfer to Juventus it could come to a change as the image shows the star in Madrid kit.

FIFA 19 releasing soon

Watch the trailer here: FIFA 19 Trailer

The trailer for the FIFA 19 has also been released featuring players like Ronaldo with a short narration and his classic overhead kick, PSG star Neymar, as well as Paulo Dybala accompanied by other several players.

We can hope to see several improvements on the gameplay over FIFA  18. The changes could be seen in the form of

  • Improved first touch
  • Dynamic tactics – changing tactics anytime
  • Improved graphics
  • Comeback of popular mode – The journey
  • Dynamic weather like in real time
  • Improvement in server performance
  • Active touch feature
  • Timed finishes

The FIFA 19 soundtrack will be featured with music from award winning composer Hans Zimmer, accompanied by rapper Vince Staples with a new taste to the iconic Champions League Anthem. The music is also incorporated in the trailer.

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