ICC World Cup 2019 is Running With The Great Energy

ICC World Cup 2019

After all those football days lets talk about the ongoing Cricket World Cup. Football or cricket? A hectic question, for those who love football, cricket seem to be out of interest and for those who love both, days have been like an angel in the earth daily.

ICC World-Cup 2019 has already marked its way and is going interesting. Matches are held in a calm and Pacific and soothing way without any hurdles and difficulties. Of course, it is hard for the players to create their way through to the final penetrating the other team. Nevertheless, the matches are interesting.

There are a total of 10 participants in the ICC World Cup 2019 playing battle with one another for the victory. The ICC World Cup is held every four years like the World Cup for football is played.

Since it is being hosted by England and Wales, the World Cup is titled as ICC World Cup England and Wales 2019, and its one-day international match. Total of 48 matches is to be played by the participants of ICC world cup.

The format for the tournament is a single group of 10 teams are qualified for the match, with each team playing the other nine teams once, and the top four at the end of the group phase progressing to the semi-finals by counting the points on the table. It is like a league game where the winning team is awarded 2 points, a draw with 1 point and a loss with no points on the table.

ICC World Cup 2019

It was started in 30th May and final to be held on or before 14th July. It is the fifth time cricket is being held in England. Let’s enjoy the match and wait for the winner.

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