Liverpool Into Final After Devastating The Barcelona’s Defence


Liverpool Into Final After Devastating The Barcelona’s Defence

Liverpool and Barcelona played semifinal, and most surprisingly, the first leg was won by with the score of 3-0 and in the second leg, Liverpool thrashed them with 4-0, making the aggregate 3-4. Liverpool made their way to the finale of the Champions League and its first time in the history that Tottenham has reached finals, both of the teams are from the Premier League this season.

The competition is very hard and sturdy and is going to be held on June 2, 00:45 GMT +5:45- Tottenham vs. Liverpool, on Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. It is going to be a great game and be worthy to watch.

Coming back to Premier League M. Salah finished second with 97 points and Tottenham is on 4th of the table. It is difficult to access now what has been achieved by Tottenham this season, finishing in the top 4 positions of the premier league and making it to the final of Champions League. Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is very happy and is eager to go on with the final.

Though Liverpool played a very amazing and classic game this season scoring as many points they can, it was not worth it for Manchester City snatched the trophy from them. A good team on the verge of being invincible and nearly won the league had to end the league this way. But it is sure that Liverpool is not going to leave this match easy for if they lose this game they will have no trophy in hand.

Let’s wait and enjoy the game. All the best to appearing teams.