Records of Record Made By England Against Afghanistan

Under the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, highest record has been recorded in the game between Afghanistan and the domestic team in Thailand. England beat Afghanistan by 150 runs in the game and the performance of the team has been very defined. Eoin Morgan hit the record-century. There are 10 records in the game and its the highest ever recorded in any game. Here are the records:

17 SixesMorgan hit 17 sixes in the game. With this, he became the most shocking player( he has scored most sixes any player has ever scored ) in the same one-day game. Earlier, Rohit Sharma, AB Devilliers and Chris Gayle shot 16 sixes in one-day one innings. In 2015, Gayle hit 16 sixes against Zimbabwe and recorded the record of World Cup in his name.

25 total sixes– England scored a total of 25 sixes in the game. England broke a record of over six in one inning of the one-day international game in its own name. At the beginning of the year, England beat 24 sixes in the West Indies game.

11 sixes given by Rashid Khan– Leg spinner Rashid Khan of Afghanistan alone gave 11 sixes in the game. This is the most shocking given by any baller in the one-day game.

22 sixes by Morgan– In the ongoing World Cup, Morgan has hit 22 sixes. With this, he has gone to the second place of the second-ever-hit player in the World Cup. Morgan has become second after South Africa’s AB Developers. Blier’s hit 21 sixths in the last edition. The record of knocking over the World Cup is named after the West Indies Chris Gayle. He has scored 26 sixes in the last edition of the World Cup.

57 balls century– Morgan completed a century in 57 balls. This century is the fourth fast century of the World Cup. The record of the fastest attack in the World Cup is named as Kevin Cobain of Ireland. He hit a century in 50 balls against England in 2011.

22 sixes– For Morgan England, more players have become the wicket-keepers in the World Cup. In the 2007 World Cup, England’s entire team hit 22 sixes. England beat 130 balls in World Cup 72 in the first Test. New England has hit a total of 47 six in the starting game.

110 runs given by Rashid Khan– In the game, leg spinner Rashid Khan of Afghanistan gave 110 runs. With whom he became the highest player to play in the World Cup.

12.22 economy rate– Rajas has 12.22 Economy against England. He became the most expensive bowler after bowling 9 or over bowling in one-day innings. Earlier this record was named in the name of Brian Vittori in Zimbabwe. He bowled at Economy 11.76 at 105 runs in the game against New Zealand.

7 sixes to Rashid Khan– Morgan had hit 7 sixes in the ball of Rashid. This is the most ever ball recorded in the one-day match in which one of the batsmen scored maximum score against one bowler, it is the most shocking hit by a single batsman. Earlier, South Africa’s AB de Villiers hit 6 sixes by Jason Holder of West Indies.

397, England’s highest score– England has the highest score made in the World Cup. England had made 386 runs earlier in the ongoing World Cup. England’s 3-1-6-6 World Cup is the sixth-highest score. The record of the World Cup’s high score is in the name of Australia. Australia made 417 runs in Afghanistan in 2015.