SAAF Championship Team Announced: Prince Karki and Kamal Shrestha Not In The List

With the Nepalese football team adding more and more accolades on the name of the country, the players for the SAAF Championship is enlisted. In the recently held under 15 SAAF Championship for women’s Nepal played really well. Nepal accumulates the tremendous increase in the number of trophies won in any sports this year than any other year.

The organizer of the competition in Bangladesh. There are 7 teams in the competition including the host team and it is played every two years. The teams playing in the competition are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, India, Pakistan, and the Maldives. Each of the team’s squad is exceptionally strong and well developed. Nepal, Bangladesh, the host country, Pakistan, and Bhutan are in group A.
The remaining teams are in the group B: Maldives, Sri-Lanka, and India. Nepal is set to play the first game with Pakistan on Tuesday at 3:45 pm.

The head coach Bal Gopal Maharjan has flashed out the 20 names for the SAAF Championship. With the caption as Biraz Maharjan, Nirajan Khadka and Suman Aryal made it out to the top 20, however, Jorge Prince Karki and Kam Shrestha were not selected for SAAF Championship 2018.


The overall list of the team who qualified to play this tournament are as follows:

Goal Keepers
1. Kiran Chemjong
2. Bikesh Kuthu
3. Alan Neupane

1. Dinesh Raj Banshi
2. Devendra Tamang
3. Biraj Maharjan(C)
4. Anata Tamang
5. Aditya Chaudhari
6. Rohit Chand
7. Suman Aryal

1. Sujal Shrestha
2. Nirajan Khadka
3. Bishal Rai
4. Sunil Bal
5. Heman Gurung
6. Hemanta Thapa Magar

1. Bharat Khawas
2. Bimal Gharti Magar
3. Nabayuth Shrestha
4. Anjan Bista

These are the lucky ones who are about to set the new history in SAAF Championship. The Nepali team is departing Bangladesh on 17 Bhadra.

All the best to Nepal from the team Honeydoze. Good luck.