Some Players Who Were Forced For Early Retirement

The history of footballers are quite puzzling, some of them play till their stamina and capability impair while the other category belongs to the one who is forced for the earlier retirement despite their amazing skills and talent. Let’s talk about the players who were forced for early retirement.

1) Fabrice Muamba


Fabrice Muamba was really an energetic, skilful player who played midfield for Bolton Wanderers. He was a part of the team for almost 5 years and made more than 100 appearances. It was found that he had suffered a cardiac arrest and that his heart didn’t support him to continue playing. However, Muamba thankfully made a full recovery but had to announce retirement from soccer because of his frangible condition. Muamba seemed a really passionate, talented and skilled player for Bolton and could’ve gone onto become a much bigger star if he wasn’t forced into such a premature retirement.

2) Marco Van Basten


Marco Van Basten is really considered as one of the best Dutch Players of history. He had his short career because of tremendous injuries in a short period of time. Van Basten achieved many awards and accolades in his career and was known for his devastating goal-scoring ability. He scored more than 200 goals for the club and his country.

3) Dean Ashton

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Ashton is considered as one of the best players in the history of England, he was so prolific and widely known for his goal scoring ability. He even got the chance to play on England’s national football team. It was his demise for the football when he suffered from a horrible ankle injury. He couldn’t recover despite many attempts. And he had to announce retirement at an early age, 26, which was the end of his career in football.

4) Alf-Inge Haaland


Haaland is known for his anger, he had a reputation of being quarrelsome, but he was so strong and sturdy and his stamina supported him to play in defence as well as midfield. But this toughness didn’t support him, he tackled with an injury so bad that it was the end of his career. Haaland was tackled by Manchester United’s player Roy Keane, which literally bent his knee and it went broken. This devastating injury became a cause for the end of his career and just when he was starting to gain recognition at Manchester City, Haaland had to declare the resignation.

5)Stiliyan Petrov

Stiliyan Petrov was considered as a great devotee by his fans for his unbridled devotion towards the club, Aston Villa.  But 2013 was an end of his career when he diagnosed leukaemia. He would have risen to fame of his health had favoured him.