Sports Hospital Inaugrated In Kathmandu. Good News For Nepalese Players!


National Sports Council (NSC) with an aim of facilitating and supporting Nepalese players during the time of health hardships has inaugurated Sports Hospital at Tripureshwor this Sunday. As decided earlier on Jestha 20 board meeting of NSC the hospital is to locate beside Lawn tennis Arena within the NSC premises. Primarily, they have planned to construct three-story building with 10 beds except than that for emergency.

Nepal Sports Council logo
Nepal Sports Council


This initiation has been highly praised by players and other stakeholders for steps like this for the welfare of sportsmen seem to lack in the Nepalese context. This establishment was remarked as a historical step in the Nepalese sports and sportsmen life by current Sports Minister Daljit BK Shreepaili during the inauguration program where he also mentioned his desire to accomplish this project within three years.

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Around 14 crore NR has been allocated for this project already during the recent budget which is believed to extend as the project progresses making it certain that this project is going to accomplish shortly unlike other high budget Government projects which lag far behind when it comes to timely accomplishment.

However, the best part is that government and NSC has started such a noble step for the welfare of sportsmen which is a wise step in Nepalese context as Sports in Nepal  has always got less attention from government sector making sportsmen apathetic for such ignorance by nation.

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